Tips for Toothache – My Adzbuzz Journey

Whilst mulling over what to write for my next post, I began to develop toothache. The signs of what was to come were at first slight and foolishly I ignored them, hoping in doing so they would go away. How stupid! That early slight pain rapidly developed into a full-blown mother-of-all toothaches. So my first tip is don’t ignore those early signs – see your dentist immediately. I rummaged through my medicine cabinet for some painkiller. I only found paracetamol, so quickly swallowed two tablets. The paracetamol had no effect and the throbbing pain continued unabated. I decided to try out various “home remedies for toothache”, using whatever materials I had in my house. 

The first remedy was salt dissolved in warm water and swilled around the mouth for several minutes. Again, no affect on the throbbing pain.

The second remedy was to take a gulp of neat brandy (Spanish, as it happened to be) and swill it around the affected tooth area for several minutes, with no appreciable diminution of the pain.

I took the glass container holding whole dried cloves off the herb shelf. This surely will work, I thought. I removed a plump flower head and crushed it gently between my upper and lower jaw where the infected tooth was. I kept my jaw lightly clenched. This allowed some of the clove oil to seep out around the tooth. I repeated this several times and for good measure alternated with swilling brandy  as above. After about five cloves and four brandies I did discern some lessening of the pain – maybe from a ten down to an eight. So some slight relief but not enough.

After more rummaging around in various drawers, I came across an abandoned packet of Ibuprofen (200mg film-coated tablets, for the relief of pain, as stated on the front of the packet). That’s for me, I thought. I punched out two tablets and quickly swallowed them. 15 minutes later, the pain had vanished. I could smile once more. Four hours later, the pain returned in full force but I kept swallowing the Ibuprofen until I reached my dentist. One tooth removed but at least it won’t be giving me any more trouble.

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