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The Tag Along 2

daughter sign dryer daughter Zhou Ya Ting disappeared after a fight with an unplanned pregnancy She Ting. Meanwhile, May Hua believes that I brought to the Tin Mountain evil spirits. Shu Fang organize a search party to find his daughter. One of the searchers, Yun Kai finds a girl, Yi Yun in zabroshennoyBolnitsanamountains. Assuming that Yi Jun several associated with it is still missing a daughter, Shu Yi Jun Clock lets stay with her for only two to experience the amazing events that can be traced to dress a little girl in a red dress. They all decide Davern to the mountain again tofind Yi Ting, but maybe they just find something else.

Language: mandarin

Classification: NA

Date published: August 31, 2017

Genre: Horror

Lead time: not available

Distributor: RAM Entertainment

C: Reyni Yan, Tiffany Hugh Francesco Kao Hwa LunShao

Director: Chen Vey-Hao

Format: 2D

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