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The Star 2017

A small but brave monkey and his life friends become undiscovered heroes of the first Christmas. In the Sonia Pictures Animation film THE STAR little but courageously denominated Bo, in love with life outside of everyday work in a village mill. One day, he finds the courage to release himself freely and finallyadventure of your dreams. On the road joins Ruth, a lovely sheep who lost her flock and Dave, a powerful dove. Along with triSa smart camels and eccentric, stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the star and become random heroes of the most eloquentwhat they once said – the first Christmas.

Straight talks to a real story of how a crazy dog, Pluto, appears from nowhere and attacks the Davis family, which is fighting in many ways. For a short time, Pluto, a beautiful dog, will save the baby, bring comfort and compassion to nine yearsa boy will help restore marriage and repair an interrupted relationship between father and son. Water is not just a watch dog – it’s a guard. Sometimes assistance comes from the most likely places. Sometimes our prayers are received in a strange way. Sometimes the dog can change everything.

On the coverpage, which included four presidents, made the country’s first women’s newspapers and a hard-drive publisher to join an unprecedented battle between journalists and the government. Inspired by real events.

Square After the abolition of the Swedish monarchy, Stockholmthe palace was turned into an art museum. Dear curator, Christian, is a dedicated couple of two who support good things. The square, his next performance at the museum, calls for passersby to altruism, reminding them of selflessness. But not everyone can fulfill themtheir ideals as an irresistible response to the theft of the phone that led the Christian into a shameful situation. He is a tadabacent existential crisis, with the museum, when the public relations agency creates an unexpected campaign for the square.

Language: English / Swedish / Danish


Classification: N.

General date of publication: November 23, 2017

Genre: drama

Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes

Distributor: GSC films

Cast: Claes Bang, Elizabeth Moss, Dominique West, Terry Notar

Directed by: Ruben Sllund

Format: 2D

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