The End of the Beginning – My Adzbuzz Journey

This week (probably Tuesday) will see the ‘end of the beginning ‘of Adzbuzz. This ‘beginning’ started 12 months ago. During these months Adzbuzz, slowly with many changes and tweaks, has been brought to where it now stands ready to transform the social media world. A ‘new beginning’ will start probably on Wednesday when Adzbuzz/Adzcoin project (or much of it) will be pushed to the live server. For the first time since its inception Adzcoin will acquire an intrinsic value because it will be linked to Ad impressions. Actually, this is a momentous occasion for Adzbuzz and all its members. Members will be able to buy adzcoins through Adzbuzz, lodge these coins in their ad wallet, and become advertisers through the Adzbuzz unique Done-For-You Advertising system.

The DFY Ad System is an ad management service that enables each member to promote offers on the Adzbuzz ad space and earn revenue. And all this whilst still owning and retaining control of the adzcoins in their wallet! In time there will be many promotions that will be offered on the ad space. But as a first trial of the system Adzbuzz has linked up with Wealthy Affiliate, a well-respected training centre for bloggers.

Through their Wealthy Affiliate referral link Adzbuzz will receive commission which will be used to buy adzcoins on currency exchanges. 50% of these coins will be sent to the indirect donation wallet and 50% will be distributed to DFY ad system users once per week according to their adzcoin holdings in their ad wallets. All this will contribute to the rise in value of adzcoin so it really is a win-win situation for everyone.

In addition to above, there will be changes made to the dashboard to make it more entertaining and user-friendly.

  • ADZbuzzer timeline becomes the homepage
  • Latest and trending columns become category columns
  • Switching to different categories becomes easy
  • Every category has it’s own stream with latest content

A new landing page system will also be introduced which will ensure that many new members get signed up:

  • People sign up on ADZbuzz homepage, which is a simple landing page (only email required)
  • They are sent to a confirmation page telling them to confirm their email address
  • After confirming their account they are sent to the DFY ADZcoin packages sales page
  • They are added to our email list and will receive a follow up promoting the offer and teaching the more about our project
  • At the bottom of the sales page they can access the dashboard and start an 8 step tour around ADZbuzz

The developers have been working hard on the several new revenue earning platforms that will be linked with Adzbuzz. Adzbuzz Hosting is already live and shortly the Adzbuzz Service Market (similar to Fiverr) will be officially launched. 10% referral commission (paid in dollars) will be earned through this.

A referral contest will also be started this week that will run for 3 months so look out for details on this. By the end of the 3 months if we all do our part in bringing in new members to Adzbuzz, the aim is to have adzcoin reach a trading value of at least $10! I can already hear you all screaming at this possibility. I believe that things are going to start moving much more rapidly at Adzbuzz. All the hard work and commitment of Jens, his team of developers and staff, and all the members who have stuck with Adzbuzz through all the ups and downs of the past months will finally pay dividends.

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you! 

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