The ‘Coolest’ Place on the Planet, 2017- My Adzbuzz Journey

Good day to you! Some of you may have noticed that I have added two new pages to my blog (see top menu bar). One is titled “My Ireland” and the other “Photo Gallery”.
In the “My Ireland” page I will by posting interesting (I hope) and informative articles about the country in which I have lived for the past 40 years – Ireland.
In the “Photo Gallery” page I will be showing images of Ireland and other places I visit.

The first article in “My Ireland” is about the place that has been recently voted by National Geographic the ‘coolest’ place in the world to visit in 2017 – the county of Donegal (top north-west corner of Ireland). So before you leave this blog, do click on the “My Ireland” button and read some more.

The “Photo Gallery” is already populated with some images so please browse through them!

Now,things are really getting hot! hot! hot! in Adzbuzz!My blog earnings are shooting up and I really have to thank my admin Helen for all the great work she is putting in to promote it. But more importantly, Jens has added a really interesting feature to the Adzbuzz dashboard – a calculator to predict the intrinsic value of adzcoin in the future. This is what he says at the start of the article:

“What is meant by “worth”?

This is the equivalent Dollar value of 1 ADZcoin that advertisers are paying on other sites for advertising.

If you’re not familiar with the setup yet, here’s how it’ll work:
-> ADZcoin can be deposited in the ADZbuzz ad wallet
-> Based on the ADZ you deposit your coins will generate ad views (same as if you would pay for Facebook ads)
-> Your coins are always 100% yours and can be withdrawn at any time

So advertisers can basically submit their ads for free and watch their coins rise in value over time while doing so.

Just understand this:

ADZcoin represents part of the total ad space in the ADZBuzz project and can be used to advertise products and services. This is what gives ADZcoin intrinsic value unlike any other cryptocurrency out there.”

This is amazing stuff and well worth your while to read the full article to see just what is the potential for Adzbuzz and the Adzcoin. Click here to view his article. 

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!

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