Some Immediate Steps To Increase Adzcoin Value

The Adzbuzz team have just announced some new steps to increase the value of Adzcoin. Here is a quick summary on what is on offer. I am confident that the adz value will soon start shooting up so now is the time to cash in on its low current value of about $0.03-0.04. Even if you can only afford $10, that will get you about 300 adz. Could be worth a lot of money in a couple of months. 

Adzbuzz Auto Exchange – soon Adzbuzz will have its own auto exchange where member will be able to buy adzcoin directly using initially bitcoin. Here’s how it will work:

  • Buy Bitcoin using Credit card, Bank transfer etc. (On Coinbase for instance)
  •  Make the destination address the Bitcoin wallet in ADZbuzz
  • BTC gets auto-exchanged and ADZcoins are added to your ADZbuzz wallet
  • At some future stage, members will also be able to exchange adz for btc thus by-passing normal currency exchanges and greatly simplifying exchange procedures.

Adzbuzz Services – this will be similar to Fiverr (which most people will be familiar with). This should have been launched already but delayed due to the recent server problems. The launch is now scheduled for the coming week. Here’s how Adzbuzz Services will work:

  • People can sell services for $5-$100
  • ADZbuzz charges $1 for every $5
  •  50% of the fee goes to affiliates and VIP’s (Dollar wallet)
  •  50% of the fee is used to buy ADZ and goes to the revenue distribution (after sending 50% to indirect donations wallet).

Note that commissions will be paid to affiliates and VIPs in dollars!  The launch of Adzbuzz Services will bring the number of external revenue-earning platforms to two – the other being Adzbuzz Hosting. As members, we all need to get behind these platforms and support them as much as possible.

Adzbuzz Upgrade Offer – it is envisaged that this upgrade offer will provide members with the following benefits:

  • Get access to the ADZbuzz lounge – We will make the ADZbuzz lounge a private area and only upgraded members will be able to access it.
  • Get access to the upgraded members section in the forum – Similar as the first benefit but on the forum
  • Unlimited message sending limit to referrals – We will limit sending of messages to referrals for non-upgraded members.
  • Ability to add signature in forum – If you have a lot of posts, this will be very beneficial as forum signatures are great ad space.
  • Get upgraded member icon on your profile – Just for showing off.
  • Access to exclusive freebies page – We’ll work together with reputable marketers to offer free stuff which will be exclusively for upgraded members
  • Free PLR section where you can download high quality products to rebrand and sell or use as a marketer
  • Earn 30% commissions in Dollars instead of 10% if your referrals upgrade to this offer
  • Be directly responsible for 1000’s of people living the good life from home!
  • Get added to the hall of fame showcasing who directly helps ADZcoin increase in value.

Members will be asked to pay $9.99 weekly for this upgrade. This will be well-worth paying because – as shown below – this will help to sky-rocket the adz value as well as give big referral commissions. I urge all members to get behind this upgrade offer if they can:

  • 30% Referral commissions (3+ referrals and you’re in profit)
  • 10% to VIP members so the referral contest has more value
  • 10% for ADZbuzz to grow the list of benefits and support development
  • 50% to buy ADZcoins on exchanges and send directly to the indirect donation address

Adzbuzz will publish a weekly overview of how many upgrade sales have been made, who got most referrals and most importantly, how many ADZcoins were bought and sent to the indirect donation address. This will ensure complete transparency with this upgrade offer.

I think it’s worth repeating again that even though you will pay for the Adzbuzz upgrade, the value will be added to your stack of coins. So all you Adzbuzzers start buzzing loudly – upgrade when the offer is launched and support the external platforms (Adzbuzz Hosting and Adzbuzz Services) and let’s work hard to get the adz value heading north.

Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!

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