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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21

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Edit your media with its own powerful, creative and management method of Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate video editor – our best. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate offers the tools you want to make similar videos, including the effects of NewBlue FX Premium. With quality features like Morph’s new variation, video sharing, video editing with more and more cameras, you can create HD and 4K video with controls, filtering and accuracy you need.I want a professional solution. Get the control you need and go beyond what you think with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

Attributes –

Video editing and animation screens

-Effects 2,000 and more effects of Premium NewBlue

– Unlimited Video editing, HD, 3D and 4K

– New user interface

– New Morph Transitions

– New effects of color

– New video sharing screen

– NewBlueFX effect

– New resolution of wide angle lenses

Advanced video editing.

Edit theVideo inHD and 4K on Unlimited Tracking!


Enjoy 2,000 video filters, changes and effects.

Tools of professional materials.

Touch your hands to edit 360 videos, edit ducks, edit videos with more and more cameras!

Screen capture software.

Collect and edit video or education “Easy Way”.

Collect premium benefits.

Exclusive at the end! Take advantage of the 1,000 NewBlue FX predefined offers

It is the most powerful PinnacleStudio

Check out what’s new at Pinnacle Studio 21: the best of us is better.

Creators create a new build screen

Highlight Studio 21 introduces a user-friendly interface that enhances video editing and enables you to access the required tools, with the ability and accuracy you need. Although the entire program is a form of future application

New video on screen has been broken

Show multiple videos along with a new split video. Drag and drop to beautifulCreate video ads or share your ultimate travel destinations.

New effects of drawing

Draw the city and transform it into the following video in a dynamic format, such as: Story Books. Drag and drop filters to add effects to cartoons or paint colors to create a good animation.

New Morph Transitions

Make changes between clips. Change a single image, shape or order and make a cut or change between the scene and add the video so that it can notAre started or closed.

Better video editing of 360

With the latest pace and support, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate now supports all video formats.360 spherical movies. Simply enter 360 photos and start editing.

New NewBlue FX

Increase video history with focus, color and tone. Create professional quality with 100 presets in 10 add-ons in VideoEssentials V.

New resolution of wide angle lenses

Remove widespread camera distortion quickly and make a similar onevideo. Drive the boundaries and make the device with the rest of your movie.

The title editorNew 3D

Add 3D text to your video by expanding the theme selection. Enjoy a more elegant 3D theme. Join your audience and update your videos with custom and interesting topics.


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