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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Multilingual

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC – full capture of light. Create amazing pictures from different scenarios. The new HDR integration feature enables you to combine multiple photographs taken by different exposure settings in one maximum, maximum power.

What’s new in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC:

HDR images were easy

Create custom watch or regular gifts from very different events. By using the featureHDR mixing, you can easily combine different image images with differentexposure in one powerful picture.

Art galleries

Find a superhero superhero field with amazing details. Photometerge technology lets you combine multiple images, including raw files, to create solid panoramas.

Speed ​​performance

Insert and improve your photos faster than previously. Lightroom uses the appropriate GPU to enhance its overall volume, especially when you areImprove the image in Module Developing.

Face awareness

Get quickPictures for family and friends, even without metadata tags. Choosea face for one picture, and Lightroom will look for the person in all the other pictures. Organize photo and photo sharing based on faces.

Tips for high video clips

Create beautiful, slideshows using picture, video and music with professional effects such as panorama and zoom.

Improved online housing

Put your job in more elegant places,Interactive and interactive. New HTML5 new archives are working with many types of desktop browsers and phones.

Best filter controls

Carefully controls what parts of yourimage affect the tiny or radial filters. Now you can use the brush to filter the filter mask by adding or removing filter effects anywhere.

Easy to share photos

Post your web homes with Lightroom. Find comments on your photos, open discussion, and everything from Lightroom on the phoneYour mobile or desktop.

Help for more devices

Lightroom is now located on Android devices. IP like iPad and iPhone, all your changes will be similar to your computer.


Drag a picture from Lightroom to Adobe Voiceand Slate on your iPad or iPhone device, Creating visual stories and animation films.

Improve copy and paste

On your iPad or iPhone, you can quickly copy adjustments from one image to another on the other rendering process at a very fast time.

Good presentations

UseThe new presentation on the iPad or iPhone displays the image without crash customization or edycjiim.

Quick search image

The views and tips of your iPad or iPhone help you find the most popular images ever before.

Quick adjustment of composition

Experiencewith uncliped experience on iPad and iPhone lets you fix fast, integrate and integrate your photos.

System Requirements:

– Intel or AMD software with 64-bit support *

– Windows 7 Packing Service 1, Windows 8, orWindows

– GB 2 RAM (4 GB recommended)

– 2 GB of hard disk space

– required DVD-ROM drive Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Storefront

– Adapt the OpenGL and DirectX 10 video with GPU support

– Network connection and registration should activate the app, pass subscription and access to network services.

What’snew in Photoshop Lightroom CC



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Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder 6 Windows XP/7/8 Download
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Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder 6


A convenient program, a TV recorder, writes what he sees. You will be able to record almost any TV channel, video streaming video, and even search for movies that you can record to upload a video recorder to record video, may be lower.

Work with the best servicesSuch as YouTube and Google, BBC and CBS, as well as over 1000 other services. When the video is uploaded, thanks to the built-in converter, you can convert the video to the desired format.

Streaming Video Recorder has an intuitive user interface, although it does not have Russian support, but supports many otherLanguages. Generally, the problem is not possible, the system program is almost not loaded.

Developer: Apoversoft

License: ShareVare

Language: English + Russian

Size: nbsp; MB

Operating System: Windows

How to install:

1). Instructions are included if necessary.

2). That’s it, ready and enjoy



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FileConvert Professional 9 Portable download torrent
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FileConvert Professional 9

We like it on facebook:


The program allows you to convert different formats into PDF as documents, you can run in batch mode, which reduces the time for this process. If you like scanned documents, simply fax all Word documents that can be easily convertedIn PDF. You can use text search and download the FileConvert file.

The application can monitor network channels and, in the case of a new file, automatically creates a PDF document type. Just make this process easier, you need to save the scanner, then the folder where the filesSave, and then specify the folder where you will save the PDF.

Developer: Lucion Technologies

License: ShareVare


Size: 102 MB

Operating System: Windows

How to install:

How to install:

1st run; And install

2. Use the serial key in the serial; Software.


Enjoy and do not forget about our website for the latest software that has been broken down / broken.

Good luck

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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 Ol Lady torrent download
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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016

Launch website:

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 (x86 / x64) + activator June 2017

Microsoft Office 2016 – it is a complete, cross-platform solution for modern working environment with intelligent gadgets for individuals, groups and businesses. It can open your programs, documents anywhere,on nekalkihpryladah. Get the installed applications that you know and trust the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publishers, Access. Always have the latest versiyuWord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and publishers, and shoot your ideas, but you work with a keyboard, a pen or the touch screen. microsoft Office2016 offers novyyafunktsyi security, compliance and usage, provides organizations greater control over sensitive data and benefits of IT in their use and management.


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Get access to Microsoft 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft InfoPath 2016

Microsoft’s business OneDriveDlya2016

MicrosoftOneNote 2016

Microsoft ******* 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Microsoft Publisher 2016

Skype for Business in 2016

Microsoft Word 2016

Come everyone knows what TS MAN? LOL path Quote:

Information about a broadcast

– Language: English (EN-US)

– Channel: Volume License

– Version:

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– SupportTool: English, French, Spanish

– Updated June 14, 2016

Critical Update: KB3115139, KB3114517, KB3114708, KB3114709 KB3115081 KB3115099

Security updates: KB3115144, KB3114862, KB3115041, KB3115182

The default setting is configured (not modified by OCT – Office Adjustment Tool).

– Skip EULA

– shortcuts- Office 2016 zmavchannivyrashyli put all the shortcuts in the Start menu without subdirectory burnt through the Start menu.

Setup customization file including input all the shortcuts for Office 2016 package in Microsoft Office 2016, and OfficeAlat subdirectory subdirectory

– Select the default settings – all programs and functionsDefault budeustalyavany if Skype for Business (Office 2016 PROPLUS) and office telemetry ** (2016 suite / office apps) – you can change the values ​​of the parameters clearly as you want

* Skype for business (what you do not need to install it, take it ustanovkuabo option “update” from Microsoft Update)

dealin fact, the default setting will be installed Skype for business, whether it be computers for Skype customers have already been installed or not.

If you choose to install Skype for Business Office Supplies, it will work through the Skype setup wizard, which will stymulyavatsvas to start with Skyperun the Windows, install Skype Click to Call, install Bing as a search engine and MSN as your home page, and then ask you to enter.

This is where the confusion begins. The account I use? If you choose a Skype name and skarystaetsesyaisnuyuchym (personal/ Home) account, it is to establish a computer in two identifications – Skype for your personal profile and Skype for Business to your desktop account. When you select a Microsoft account, it will create a new Live ID with your working elektronnayadrase – something you may not wantdo.

** Department of telemetry (why you can be do not want to share their data)

Telemetry Dashboard displays the file name and the title of the document in the list each user the most commonly used, which may reveal information about the user asabistuyupryvatnyyaor organization. It also displays the additional names and other solutions which are used by the Office.

Agent telemetry collection of stocks, use and other application data and upload it to a shared folder where it apratsovvaetstsaz using a service known as protsesorTelemetriyaand inserted into a SQL database. Information telemetry panel connects to the database to demonstrate the use of Office files, add-ons and solutions.

bonus folder

– KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit BETA 5 (activator)

– UBitMenu Customizer (dadaytsepaneli Office 2003, such as toolbars and menus in Office2016) – freeFor personal use

– uninstalltions version (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Disable / restore the “Input” option in the Office program (reg file)

-Vidklyuchity / restore Office 2016 Telemetry (reg file)

output file

– x86:

– x64:

It works with previous versions

Ability to run parallel MicrosoftvypustsilaVersions of Office with the release of 2016.

Some installation program will find and remove any previous version and does not allow the performance of older components. The older version of Outlook 2013/2010 with the publisher in 2016.

In other words, a mix version of Office.

You can vydalitspragramu Microsoft FixIt Tool / delete/ Remove previous versions of Office (included in the “Bonus” folder) manually.

This should remove all traces of the Office system.

Updates for Microsoft Office 2016 Volume Edition

Unlike release Click2Run, edition of Volume Editions do not allow to update the program using “Ulikovyzapis page – File – Updates”.

To get the update version Office2016 VL, it is necessary to include the item “Get updates for other products from Microsoft Updates” in Windows Update.


– 64-bit versions only work on 64-bit systems

– OS: Windows 10 SP1 + Windows 10 Server, Server 2012 R2 / 2012/2008 R2

-.NET version: .NET needs.establishment or .NET CLR may be required for some features


– Remove any version that was installed prior to use granted uninstalltions (bonus folder) and restart if necessary

– set / record / release faylISO

– install componentsOffice

– Enabling the use KMSpico / Microsoft Toolkit BETA 5Pislya complete the installation of all products

– Disable / Restore Office 2016 telemetry – merge reg file “Disable / Restore Telemetry Control 2016” (effective after perazagruzkimashyny)

– Disable / Restore “now”option in Office applications – combining the reg file “Disable / Restore Log» (in effect when you restart the machine)

– set UBitMenu settings (optional)

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The Tag Along 2 x264 Seebreeze download torrent
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The Tag Along 2

daughter sign dryer daughter Zhou Ya Ting disappeared after a fight with an unplanned pregnancy She Ting. Meanwhile, May Hua believes that I brought to the Tin Mountain evil spirits. Shu Fang organize a search party to find his daughter. One of the searchers, Yun Kai finds a girl, Yi Yun in zabroshennoyBolnitsanamountains. Assuming that Yi Jun several associated with it is still missing a daughter, Shu Yi Jun Clock lets stay with her for only two to experience the amazing events that can be traced to dress a little girl in a red dress. They all decide Davern to the mountain again tofind Yi Ting, but maybe they just find something else.

Language: mandarin

Classification: NA

Date published: August 31, 2017

Genre: Horror

Lead time: not available

Distributor: RAM Entertainment

C: Reyni Yan, Tiffany Hugh Francesco Kao Hwa LunShao

Director: Chen Vey-Hao

Format: 2D

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Tcm: The Extra Terrestrial 2017 720p Free Download Torrent
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Tcm: The Extra Terrestrial 2017

Discover the depths of events, Turner Classic Movies and Universal Pictures to bring along – The Extra Terrestrial to select the country countrywide for a special two-day event, which also includes a TCM host. Experience adventure and magic in one of the most popular movies of all time, from Oscar-award winning director Steven Spielberg. Wonderful audiences of all ages, timeless stories Follow the unforgettable journey of a lost stranger and the 10-year-old son is his friend. closeJoining Elliot (Henry Thomas), Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and Michael (Robert MacNaughton) when they come together to help recover.

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Escape Room 2017 Spanish hd DVD full movie download torrent
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Escape Room 2017

Escape RoomA A group of four friends is taking part in the popular Los Angeles Escape Room. Sadly, they were trapped in a room with a demonic killer who has a box with an evil demon. They have less than an hour to solve puzzles to get out of the living room.

English language

Classification: NA

General release date: 10/5/2017

Genre: horror

Working time: not available

Distributor: GSC Movies


Directed by:

Format: 2D

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Kill Switch 2017 kat PDVD full movie torrent
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Kill Switch 2017

Kill Dan Stevens and Berloch Marleau, SwitchStarring, based on “command in the box,” and Tim Smith. Set in a future world, the pilot tries to save his family after endless energy, using matched colleges, is very wrong.

Language: English

Classification: NA

In generalRelease October 12, 2017

Type: Science Fiction

Time: No Information

Distributors: TGV Video Square Pictures

Call: Dan Stevens, Margot berets, Tigo Gernand

Directed by: Tim Smith

Format: 2D

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