My Journey To Financial Freedom – Current Status

Now that Adzbuzz’s “new” beginning has begun (6 days ago), it is time for me to take stock and set out a new baseline to which future developments can be compared as I continue on my road to financial independence. The “new” beginning has introduced a number of important new features and changes to the system, as well as potential new income streams for members. Here is a list of new features that the Adzbuzz platforms operates:


  • a new landing page
  • an outline and tour  of what adzbuzz can offer so that new referrals have a better understanding before they complete their registration 
  • a new layout for the home page with a comprehensive list of categories (celebratory, world news, btc, sports, cars etc) from which viewers can choose
  • a link to buy referrals – $50 will get you 25+ new referrals, $100 50+ new referrals etc. This is combined with a new contest to see who can recruit the most referrals over the next 3 months with prizes for the top winners.
  • a link to to make it easier for members to buy Adzcoin ($100 – $10,000) at the lowest rates available at the time of purchase
  • a link to make it easier for members to invite friends and colleagues to join Adzbuzz
  • if you have adzcoin in your Ad Wallet, you now own ad space on Adzbuzz and can use this ad space to advertise your own business (so if you had 10,000 adzcoin, with 10 million adz in all wallets and 10 million ad impressions on a particular day, you would receive 10,000 ad impressions to your ads). Or, you can allocate some or all of your adz to a Done-For-You system which Adzbuzz will use to place its ads and give you commission payments. Of course, you continue to own and control all your adzcoin.

However some previously important features have been removed such as the lifelong traffic advertising package. Members who previously purchased this package have had their money returned in Adzcoin.

All the above make it now very easy for members to discover content pertinent to their lives and to steadily build their Adzbuzz business. Which brings me nicely on to my Adzbuzz business and how the new beginning may have changed that and affected my journey. My daily income streams are now made up of the following:


  • VIP payments – since payments started, daily amounts have decreased. But payments will rise I am sure when external revenue streams are activated to which VIP payments will be linked. The new football platform should be a major contributor to VIP.
  • DFY (Done-For-You) Participants Pool – this has been functioning for only a few days and pays me about 5-6 adz per day currently. To participate in DFY, a member must allocate some or all of his Ad-Wallet adzcoin funds to the DFY-enabled balance line in his wallet. Depending on how many coins he has, he will literally own an equivalents amount of ad space on Adzbuzz and under the DFY system, Adzbuzz will use this space for their own advertising, providing him with commission payments. It is early days yet so this payment will only get better and better, IMHO. 
  • Sponsors Pool payments – the amount here depends on the activity level of each of my referrals so will vary greatly. Currently I have about 8 active referrals. According to the most recent information, the Sponsors Pool is earning me about 8-9 adz per day.
  • Publishers Pool payments – this depends on how active I have been in posting and publishing my blog ‘’ and how many people have engaged with the blog. Payments have varied from 2-200 adz/day. Under the new system, people no longer need to visit a blog, vote and leave a comment in order for them to earn daily adzcoin (logging into their account is now all this is required for daily earnings). So it remains to be seen what effect this will have on publishers’ earnings (but see below for exciting new developments for publishers and Adzbuzz Communities).
  • Members Pool payments – this, I believe, replaces the previous Community Members Pool and so far has resulted in higher payments to me. Top payment so far has been about 23 adz per day.

So I have 5 different daily income streams at present, giving me, say, 40 adz per day total (this will certainly increase). At present, the adzcoin is worth $0.03-04, so my earnings in dollars do not amount to much. But I am in it for the long haul and in 3 months the rate could be $0.50 or even $1.00. S0 40 adz per day then becomes a little more significant.


If you are not yet a member of Adzbuzz, you can join by clicking here.


Adzbuzz core platform is now just about complete with a revenue distribution system, an amazing affiliate system and an amazing ad server system. Adzbuzz will now focus on growing the user-base and increase revenue (more adz for the members). A large part of the focus will now be on Adzbuzz Communities – i.e. publishers’ blogs and websites. Publishers will be offered an automated income stream. This is going to be HUGE! Can’t wait to see how this is all going to pan out. 

BTW, I will soon be publishing a new blog called I will be reporting on new developments in environmental, scientific and technological matters! Keep an eye out for it!

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!

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