Kick-Start Your ADZbuzz Business For Less Than $100

So you have joined Adzbuzz, taken your guided tour and you are now a fully registered member. Congratulations – you have taken the most important step towards achieving your financial independence!Perhaps you are wondering what you now should do.

In this post, I present a simple, 10-step strategy to fire-up your business for only $50-$100 (if you have less than $50, I recommend you just buy adzcoin for whatever amount you have – even buying $10 worth of adz is a great start towards building your business. Everyone should have at least $10 worth of adzcoin in their ad wallet. To understand more about the adzcoin, why you should have some and why it is almost certain to keep rising in value, click on the “Buy Adzcoin” link in the top menu bar of your Home page. Read the whole page. Then work on building up your own referrals downline. Click on “Invite Friends” in the top menu bar for tips and ideas on how to do this).

So here is my strategy for kick-starting your Adzbuzz business.

Step 1Log into your account every day. This will immediately put you in the Members Pool 1 payments – earning you up to 1 adz/day (assuming you don’t yet have any of your own downline referrals. If you have a referral then you will be in the Members Pool 2 payments slot, earning you more adz/day – see below).

Step 2Purchase a $50 referral package. To do this, click on the “Buy Referrals” link in the Home page menu bar. This will take you to a page introducing you to Done-For-You Promotions. Scroll down to where you can buy referral packages using either bitcoin or PayPal. Select the $50 25+ referral pack, according to whichever payment option you want to use. As it states,you will receive a guaranteed at least 25 referrals into your downline. This will not be immediately but done over a short period of time.

Step 3Keep checking your referral list. To access your list, click to your “Social” or “Adzbuzz Lounge” Timeline (see “Timelines” top right menu bar). On the left side menu bar you will see “Your Referrals”. Click on this and it will take you to your own referrals’ list. Usually Adzbuzz will inform you when you have received a new referral but in my experience it doesn’t always happen.

Step 4As soon as you receive a new referral, always send him/her a welcome message introducing yourself. If they have any questions they can contact you etc. To access Adzbuzz’s internal message system, click on your referrals name. This will take you to their personal timeline. Click on “Messages”, write your message and send it.

Step 5Once you have at least 1 referral, you will placed on the Members Pool 2 daily income stream which pays significantly more than Members Pool 1 (for those with no referrals).

Step 6Once you have purchased your $50 referral pack, you will automatically be placed in the Referral Contest. This contest runs for 3 months and the top 100 members with the most referrals commissions will receive from 1/10th – 3 VIP spots. The VIP spot is another important daily income stream for you so it is worth having.

Step 7 Having at least 1 active referral in your downline means that you will have at least one other daily income stream called the Sponsors Pool. If you have more than 1 active referral you could begin to earn significant amounts each day. You can see now that by spending $50 on a referral package you have access to several income streams and your business is beginning to build nicely. Once the adzcoin hits at least $1 value, you will be earning significant amounts each day.

Step 8Click on the link “Invite Friends” on the top Home page menu bar. You will be guided on how you can recruit more referrals to your downline. The more referrals you have, the bigger your daily income will be!

Step 9 – You have spent $50 on buying a referral package. Hopefully you still have $10- $50 remaining. Use whatever amount you have to purchase adzcoin. For instance, currently $10 will buy about 300 adz. From next week, adzcoin can be purchased directly using the Adzbuzz exchange. Or you can purchase adzcoin on external exchanges such as and Then transfer them to your Adzbuzz Ad Wallet. To understand more about the adzcoin, why you should have some and why it is almost certain to keep rising in value, click on the “Buy Adzcoin” link in the top menu bar of your Home page. Read the whole page.

Step 10Whatever amount of adz you now have in your Ad Wallet, transfer this amount to the DFY-Enabled balance line. This is very simply done. Go to your Ad Wallet dashboard, click on DFY-Enable balance (Adjust), enter the number of adzcoins you want to add, then click on “Add”. Your adzcoin will now be used by the Adzbuzz advertising team to place ads in the Adzbuzz ad space and you will earn daily commission in the DFY Participants Pool. Meanwhile, you continue to own and control your coins; you can remove them anytime you want.

So that’s it – building your Adzbuzz business in 10 easy steps for less than $100.

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!


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