Huge Anticipation – Awaiting Arrival of Titan and Tifostarter

Like me, you are probably keenly awaiting the arrival of Adzbuzz’s two premier income earning platforms – TITAN and TIFOSTARTER. It is anticipated that these will kick Adzbuzz and Adzcoin into the stratosphere although how quick or gradual a process this will be remains to be seen.

When can we expect them to go live? My guess is over the next two weeks because we have already been told by Jens that Titan is almost ready; and as for Tifostarter, it’s vital that the initial crowdfunding platform is ready for the start of the new 2017/18 football season – and this takes place in early August. So Jens and the dev team have at the most 2-3 weeks to finalise the platform.


Now I am no computer expert and I have little idea of what Titan will enable us to do. Looking at its website (click here to view it), it tells me that Titan is “A real gamechanger in the world of GPT+PTC+TE & Revenue Sharing scripts.” and it’s “The only script that allows you to earn in 20+ different ways and have more than 1000 unique features & modules. Start your global business now.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Titan script is 100% customizable so it will be fascinating to see what our amazing team of Jens + his devs do with it. Anyone who is prepared to put in bit of effort will be able to earn up to $10 a day on Titan. Earnings will be used to buy adz and the coins will be sent to your wallet, not forgetting that 50% of the coins will be sent to the indirect donation address. But to be a success, we members will have play our part by logging into Titan each day and using it. Here are some of the ways you can earn:

-Paid to click
– Paid to watch videos (dailymotion)
– Paid to play games (fanmobi)
– Paid to do micro-tasks (crowdflower)
– Paid to join sites
– Traffic exchange
– Offer walls (cpalead)
– Login ads
– Many more…


But if Tifostarter goes according to Jens’ plan, it will be the gamechanger for adzbuzz, adzcoin and all us adzbuzzers. Tifostarter will begin as a simple crowd funding platform that will enable football team supporters all over the world to raise money for their particular tifo. Here is the Wikipedia definition of a tifo for those who don’t know:  Tifo [ˈtiːfo] is the Italian word for the phenomenon of supporting a sport team. In some countries (but not in Italy) it is mostly used as a name for any choreography displayed by fans in the stands of an arena or stadium in connection with a sport event, mostly as part of an association football match. (To read details of the original Tifostarter project click here. However this has proved too complex to launch in the first year). So money raised through Tifostarter will enable football fans to increase their support through, for example, paying to have leaflets designed, printed and circulated. Each team support club will have their own Tifostarter page which will include a social element including a live chat feature. Tifostarter will include an affiliate program for Adzbuzz members, so once it is launched get out there and start to actively promote the platform amongst any football fans you know. You can also create a post on your local club’s forum and once the club is claimed you will earn from it forever! 10% of Tifostarter funds will go to buy adzcoins which will be re-distributed to adz members (50% of this to indirect donation wallet) whilst 90% will be returned to the football clubs.


Another matter that is worth mentioning is Adzbuzz’s Alexa ranking. Today this stands at 67,548 so congratulations to all adzbuzzers for logging in each day and helping to ensure that each week becomes more and more popular. Our next target is to get below the 50,000 mark and with the launch of Titan and Tifostarter within the next couple of weeks I have no doubt that this will be achieved.

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