ADZbuzz – How I started my journey and what I have discovered so far along the way…..

I started at the very beginning of Adzbuzz and that was over a year ago. It metamorphosed out of a revshare program called Startpeeps. But since then Jen Steyaert and his team of developers have upgraded and tweaked the platform so that it is now barely recognizable from what it started out at the beginning. Adzbuzz is now a website that is a social media-cum-content discovery-cum-revenue sharing-cum-advertiser-cum-viral image sharing-cum a host of other income generating sites-cum-increasingly high value cryptocurrency- platform. You can’t even say it in one breath and indeed the vision for Adzbuzz is breathtaking. It’s taking the social media world by storm and will change the way we view the internet.

Adzbuzz contains features that you won’t find anywhere else under the same roof. The bare bones of  some of these features I have described briefly elsewhere on this site (access via the top menu bar) and I shall return to them all in future blog posts. But I would just like to mention a couple of them here.

The first is ADZCOIN. This is the energy that drives the monetization of Adzbuzz. Adzcoin (adz) is a cryptocurrency that can be traded with other currencies. It’s supply is limited and with increasing demand it is bound to rise and rise in value. Through Adzcoin, Adzbuzz members can grow a very nice income for themselves. I have already started – currently I am earning about 8 adz per day – not much you might say but this is only the start. How I will be increasing my earnings will be a big part of my blog posts. The image below shows my daily earnings and their origins:

These currently come from the following categories:

  • Community members pool
  • VIP membership pool
  • Sponsors Pool

As I write, today’s (5 May) adz value is about $0.02. A good time therefore to buy some adz on an exchange such as livecoin (a few days ago it was even better vale $0.01 – but too late for that!).

The second feature I want to mention now is ADZLINK. Adzlink provides an extra income stream (at no cost) to a website owner’s site. All you do is add a small icon to your site by means of a WP plugin or a simple short script. It tracks visitors to your site and you get paid accordingly. You can see an example of the unobtrusive icon on the right side of my website  – a small blue bee – go ahead and click on it. A video about it will pop up. Take a minute to look at it. If you own a website, why not add the icon to it? Click here. Earn some free income for yourself and get increased visitors to your site. You will need my publisher’s invitation key – here it is:  0720de22a1fddb21afd463b16fef87b6

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!

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