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GeeMail is a Gmail client across platforms, giving you an easy way to access your Google Mail account, whether it’s going forward or offline.

It requires Adobe Air to run (which is why it can run Mac and Linux as well), and open it as a very simple and easy window to see Gmail’s friendly interface. At first glance, it takes time for GeeMail to download your inbox, but after that it’s as fast as Gmail in your browser. The advantages of having everythingsomething you put into the HDD you can access your login and write an offline email (once you post online).

There is no choice in GeeMail, which is a shame, because your attachment is not downloaded by your message, so you can not access it offline. Although it looks like Gmail has been deleted, this is a disappointment, as Adobe Air has given us some of the most exciting desktop applications in recent months, andit’s good for GeeMail to be more innovative.

If Gmail is a convenient customer, what are you looking for, this is great, since you do not need to set it up. However, there is competition in the form of Gmail’s own External Labs, which gives you access to Gmail completely connected offline.

GeeMailina’s capabilities, but it’s very easy and requires more choice.


Taken from Beta.

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