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Expeditions Viking Iron Man

Get ready for a history adventure! Logic Artist, the creators of Expeditions: Conquistador, are happy to bring you Expeditions: for a great adventure As the newly appointed leader of a small Viking clan, you have your own village. But to engrave your name in the rune zones of history, you need great strength and great wealth to grow prosperous and familiar with your villages. There is littleto get to the countries of Norway and therefore you must put your mind to the sea west, where stories speak of a huge islandfull of treasures, ready for your luck. Your trusted huscarls in Walhalla will follow you if it is the day’s order, but you need more than honesty to leave a heritage to remember for a thousand years. Now assemble a worthy group of warriors,build a ship and ask for your treasure and glory over the sea. Britannia awaits for Expeditions of Logic Artist: features: Create your own Viking chief! Draw your character from our unique character system, where statistics, abilities and abilities define or act on your characters?The Vikings are not only known as violent warriors, but also as merchants. How did you find itof wealth, carrot or stick? War and politics: Part with different factions, whether it is about Normans, Picts or angles. Reputation: find out your choices, the stories of your actions can lead others to scare you, but they trust you? Steps on historical pages: in a beautiful and visceral narrative of Nordic history

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