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Shun Pong O 2018

The fishing village of Shun Pong Oin Nanyang, a living girl who loves Korean culture. Then he meets and falls in love with a man from South Korea. It brings hope and joy in its imperfect reality, even if it faces its own greatest fear – a brain tumor. The incident in the village suddenly makes it multilingual again and has the opportunity to communicate with people of different races.

Language: English / Korean / Cantonese

Subtitle: English /Malay / Mandarin

Classification: N.A.

General Edition Date March 10, 2018

genre: Comedy / Drama

Duration: 1hour 50 minutes

Distributor: Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd

Cast: Shinny Tan, Kim Ho He, Seo Sherlin, Philip Keong, Phoebe Wu, Jin Jhu Heng

Director: David Thian

Format: 2D

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Pretty In Pink 2018

Andie Walsh is a teenager living in the city with her unemployed father. He works in a record shop with intellectuals Ionia and seems legitimate in his high school, but somehow he gets up on them all. Her wonderful friend, Duckie, loved her so much that she made trouble for her romantic efforts. When a rich young man approaches him in the village of Blaine, they come together. Check out the homework for each click of the community, they will basicallyfor reasons teased by their reliance on the date of each other. When Blaine finally asks Andie, who likes to feel promoted, he is attacked by Steff’s rich friend. Russian against school policy finally reached the night sky.

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I Can Only Imagine 2018

An interesting but unknown to the MerciMe up great hope of many songs that is very thrilling reminder of the power of forgiveness.

Out of these; but the Spirit is life pričamaNeverovatna favorite songs on the Song of Songs, the song of the heart; so I can not imagine I possess a very curious man in the midst of the most challengingmomentum. Surprisingly, when he wrote several minutaMerciMe singer singer Bart Millard. In fact, these songs live trade.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2017

Four teens enter a magical video game and the only way to escape is to work together to complete the game. In a totally new adventure by Jumanji, four high school students discover the old videogame comfort and get into the jungle of the game,literally becoming adult avatars. They find that you are not only playing Jumania – you have to survive. In order to defeat the game and return to the real world, they will have to go through the biggest adventure that is dangerous from their names, Alan Parrish, released 20 years ago and will change the way,in which they think of themselves – or stay in the game forever, so that others can play without interruption.

In Jumanji’s Complete New Journey: Welcome to the jungle, the tables are reversed as the four teenagers in custody are captured in the Jumaji world. When they find an old consolea game they have never heard of, they instantly throw in the jungle of the body tee avatars played by Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gyllen. They find that you are not playing Jumanji – the Jumanji game. Theyll has to pass the most dangerous adventure in his life or get stuckin the game

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Makrifat Cinta 2018

Makrifat CintaMahathir is very popular. Then they went out in the middle of the bottom of the family on social learning, to stand up for insults to become a millionaire. The developer of days one wins, and the problems in the life of control, determine his dream to ultimately become a millionaire.

Language: Malay

Company Name: na

Clade: N.A.

General Issue Date: 1 February 2018

Genre: Drama / Glory

Duration: Not available

Dispenser, why TSR

Cast: Saimashul Yusof,NabilaHuda, Putera Balk, Nora Danish: Puteanus Putra

Director: Kamal G

format: 2D

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