Zoner Photo Studio Pro 19 Portable Free Download Torrent

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Zoner Photo Studio Pro 19

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With this program you get all the necessary tools for the professional treatment of your digital photos. The feature of the application is the ability to extract information from the image of the photo location when shooting,When data is related to a card program, the complete data that Zoner Photo Studio can download.

The company says it will have the unique unique technology that you can find in an image portrait, a very interesting opportunity.Zoner Photo Studio supports almost all known digital camcorders, as well as a great tool for editing your images and you can add your custom labels to various formats,Pictures of banners, … With this tool you can create calendars with good time, you can take pictures online.

With this software, users can easily through all stages of managing your photosZoner Photo Studiobrinda General comfort during work, you must not move from one project to another. The application will help you not only create an overview and only 3D images, can be converted to gray and perform other color manipulations,You can adjust Flash, you can use the effects of adding levels, sorting your photos into shapes, lines, and more.

Zoner Photo Studio has an interesting interface, actually it’s really easy and fun to work, I think the difficulties will not arise.The editorial image is too comfortable, everything we can say to you, you can use all the necessary tools right away and if something happens to cancel the action done.I forgot to add, with Zoner Photo Studio you can erase red eyes, reduce noise and chromatic defects, retouch and eliminate batch process images. In general, a comprehensive set of tools to work with digital images,We hope you like it

Developer: Zoner Software

License: Shareware

Language: Russian

Size: MB

SO: Windows

How to install:

Run and install it

2 use given to register software

3. Do and do not forget to like us on Facebook

Have fun and visit our website for the latest software/ patched.

Good luck

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Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder 6 update Torrent Download

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Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder 6


A simple program, which is a television recorder, to write what he saw. You can record almost all TV channels, streaming video on the Internet, even watching a movie that you can burn to download Video Recorder Recorder, may be lower.

Dilaksanakanbekerjasamawith the most famous, such as YouTube and Google, BBC and the CBS, as well as over 1000 other services. After uploading the video, thanks to the built-in converter, you can convert video to the format you want.

Streaming DVR has a user interface which is quite intuitifantara ahead despiteRussian support is not available, but supports many other languages. In general, problems at work, it should not, the system is practically not loaded.

Developer: Apowersoft

License: Shareware,

Language: English + Russian

Size: NBSP; megabyte

OS: Windows

As bolehmemasang:

1). If necessary,Instructions are included.

2). Here, here it is.

Please contact:


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Internet Download Manager IDM 6 download

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Internet Download Manager IDM 6

Direct Download without Torrent Torrent Client, go to following link;


Important: Referring to VirusTotal research:

patching 64bit

# / File / 9528bec266cc36ae54d78d18c0b7090f9face867e42d5dc3ffbc4fa346d14c41 / detection

Adapting 32bit Patch

# / File / 4ebc0a812e4dac1bc0aeaa9ea114c0ed9d6e1d87f2b632d8d39109c782fc9462 / detection



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Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool for download pavelichennyahutkasts up to 5 times, resume and scheduledescargas.A full recovery and restoration after restart accident is interrupted download or disconnected due to lost connection, network problems, shutdown computer, or unexpected power outages. The graphical user interface makes IDM simple and easy to use Download Manager has a smart downloader targeting logic accelerator, which has intelligent multi dynamic downloadable file technology to speed up secure transfers. Unlike download managers and other accelerators Internet Download Managerdescargousegment files dynamically during the download process and connections are available without connecting to other input phases in the system to achieve the best acceleration performance.

release adds compatibility with Windows 10, adds a panel to debit IDM sockets, which can be used flash video dlyaspampavats from sites like MySpaceTV, and others. It also has full support for Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista), support for recycling programmer’s video page and MMS protocol support. New versionalso added melloradointegración browser based on IE 11 and IE, a redesigned and enhanced unique and unique integration engine in all the latest browsers, enhanced toolbars, and a host of fixes and new features.

What’s new in the compiled version2

(Published: December 15, 2016)

Fixed critical bugs in integration with Firefox ESR

bugs that are fixed in the implementation of different types of video streams

Fixed another minor bug

How to install:

1. Install IDM works;

Note: no needgo / close works IDM.

2.ExecutarMambamble 32 bits; if you are using a 32-bit operating system


Start building 64-bit; if you are using a 64-bit operating system

3.Gatova. Enjoy the easy installation of IDM ever

To remove the patch, view the text file has been added to this thread, please.

get enjoy and do not forget to visit our website for the latest / embedded software.


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TeamViewer 8 Windows XP/7/8 Torrent Download

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TeamViewer 8

TeamViewer 8 is the latest version of TeamViewer, which can be used as a remote computer for a remote computer and a local computer that allows remote access to the Internet.

TeamViewer 8 added more options for grouping. Undoubtedly, TeamViewer Consort Management stands out, allowing you to control the entire Remote Remote Assistance group through your browser.

This is another improvement for TeamViewer 8, which focuses on focusing on the remotetransferring files to control sessions, sharing sessions with other support team members and sharing groups, which is useful for moving between customers and friends among others.

Eventually, TeamViewer has made improvements to record audio and video from remote sessions and, if the connection is sufficient, the user can see and hear the same thing. Check it out and listen to it. It is a system or video presentation.

TeamViewer / Corporate Premium / Administrationmultilingual

TeamViewer – All-In-One Software for Online Support and Meeting Facilities – Manage remotely computer or Mac from your computer in seconds or TeamViewer for online meetings. See why TeamViewer trusts more than 200 million users!

Remote support and remote access

– There is no need for client side installations

– Remote 24/7 administration Access to remote computer access

– Remote access your data and applications anytimeand everywhere

– Access the home office to your home office computer

Online Meeting and Online Meetings

– Online Meeting has more than 25 participants

– Online Submission increases your potential sales

– Carry out paid train payments

–workOnline team works online in real time

New TeamViewer 12:

– Upgraded performance is faster than 15x

– Supervised bar

– Access to Android devices is not allowed

– Put your ownThe SOS button for your customers

– Collect customer feedback

– It’s not a problem with Linux GUI

– TeamViewer remote host

– Full control of your channel

– Share a strong and flexible group

– Save time with multiple options options

– Run TeamViewer in your browser

– TeamViewer Talk in your web environment

– Chat anywhere

– It helps Chrome Chrome

– Made for Windows 10

– Customer improvements

What’s new

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3D Chess Game download free torrent

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3D Chess Game

3D chess game for Windows 10 is a good game of chess that is essential for regular games. 3D images are created carefully and give you a general zoom-frequency. On the other hand, the sound is not too strong.

You can challenge the computer, which has 25 levels of AI, or play againstfriend in the inner state. There is no online multiplayer style.

The 3D chess game for Windows 10 allows you to play without a time limit or set the timekeeper for each player. You can also delete arguments to get performance statistics.

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Adjust Laptop Brightness Download Free Torrent

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Adjust Laptop Brightness

Adapting Brightness Laptops is a software developed for laptops using Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP operating systems. Designed to keep your battery life intact and your display high, adjusting the brightness of the computer is a tool that has more than one use.Whether you use your computer with a light or high color color, you can customize it to make your PC experience even better and extend your life using your battery.

Show off

If you use your Windows computer as the location changes,You know that one level of light is not right for every situation. Especially at night or during the day, the light output of your screen is not difficult at all. Most people,However, leave their brightness on the screen at one level without changing the default settings. It can take down your machine and make your battery power efficient, adjusts brightness LaptopsWill solve this problem by adjusting the screen to save energy so you only use the amount of energy needed to reduce your appearance.

Simple rules

In contrast to standard screen brightness control that requires the use of keyboard or input management,Light Gapop modification is controlled only by setting the slider and otomatisnya.banyak, such as reducing the brightness after a certain number of records or refusing to fully see after adjusting it and setting the amount of time.

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Adobe Pagemaker Windows XP/7/8 Download Torrent

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Adobe Pagemaker

Adobe Pagemaker is the latest version of the selected desktop publishing software. While still being sold and backed up by Adobe, its features are now protected by InDesign CS4.

It’s made from object design for publishing, from leaflets and posters to reports, as well as for exporting in PDF files. Although Adobe’s performance is a feature of this feature, it is not possible at first. You do not have any components to work with templates, and this is shown as a learning method you can doabout it.

Adobe Pagemaker opened in 2002 and shows age. It’s created for small and professional businesses and as long as desktop publishers, future generation software is best suited for today’s world.

If you want to use a publishing plan on your computer, you’ll be happy that Pagemaker is still available. However, for most publishing computers it has become obsolete, as processors and readers can now create the best print page foramateur, and professional project set is the most suitable for business.

It is a fully published app, but it is very difficult to learn and outdated.

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Microsoft Office 2016 x64 fast-dl download torrent

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Microsoft Office 2016

*** Give yourself a little! Thank you ***

*** Information information

– Language: Spanish (es-es)

– Channel: volume license

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Test equipment: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Portuguese (Brazil), English

– Updated March 8, 2016

*** Bonus folder

– KMSpico Activator

– UBitMenu – Customizer Menu (Adds Office menus to the Office 2016 Office toolbar)

– Uninstaller of previous versions (Office 2016, 2013, 365,2003, 2007, 2010)

– Enable ‘Sign in’ optionBlegical applications (regfile)

-Analluogi Telemetreg Office 2016 (file reg)

*** Source files

– x86:

– x64:

*** Match with previous versions

Microsoft eliminated the ability to parallel parallel Office 2016 relief.

An installer will search and delete it in the previous version and does not support the operation of old components. Outlook 2010 Older Outlook Publisher with 2016.

In other words, do not mix it in the officeversions.

You can use Microsoft to download earlier / download / delete Office Tools (included in the Bonusfolder).

This should remove all system footprints.

*** Microsfot Office 2016 Volume Issue Update

Unlike the Click2Run editions, the volume edition does not offer update update through the account page (File – Accounts – Updates).

For updates to VL Office 2016, enable “Get updates for other Microsoft updates”You need them at Windows Update.

However, Internet Explorer 11 lets you access the “Microsoft Update” service


In Windows Update, you can not turn on automatic updates for other updates

– Whenclicking on “Perform more” when it clicks on Windows Update, it opens a webpage that can be used by Internet Explorer “Use the menu to check the updates of the menu”.

How to fix it

1. Open Internet Explorer, go to Internet options, general tab, Navigation history, deletion,Click OK and leave Internet Options.

2. Go to View Compatibility Settings and add ”. Click OK and leave.

3. Now go to Windows Update and click on “Search”

4. Internet Explorer opens a page asking for the installation of a “Vista” component

Getit clicked and click next, you have enabled Auto Update 2016 Office VL installations!


*** System requirements

– OS: Windows 10 SP1 + Windows 10 server, Server 2012 R2 / 2012/2008 R2

– -NET Version:.NET is required. Some features may also be installed .NET or CLR

Set ***

– Delete any previously installed versions, using the supplied installers (bonus folders) and restart the need

– Assemble / record / remove an ISO file

– Installation of office components

– Use KMSpico products after ALL ALL finishes

-Uninstall Telemetreg Office 2016 (RECOMMENDED – Do not send your personal data to Microsoft! Telemedicine Office 2016 ‘

– UBitMenucustomizer install (optional)

– Disable ‘Select’ option in Office applications (optional – merge reg file ‘Delete Log In’)

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Wireless Network Watcher Tally Download Free Torrent

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Wireless Network Watcher

Although there is a password protected by your wireless network, someone can connect to your knowledge. Now if you’re particularly beneficial and do not mind the speed of internet, others can enjoy it for free and then follow. If you’re like me, and you want to enjoy self-service on the internet, you’ll pay full speed and it’s the tool you need for wireless networks.

It was scanned

Using the Wireless Network Network Watcher is easy, open the Program and scan the networkto show all the connected devices. Withina few minutes you can see all unwanted visitors. The Wireless Network Watcher also offers intruder details, including IP address, MAC routers and user types.

Well, it’s not perfect. In our surveys, Wireless Network Watcher does not endorse our device (permanently large) on the network to detect the device in the first scanners to reproduce playback tests.

Easy use

Also, the Wireless Watcher in your networkit is only one window. It does not offer a warning and does not block or ban the delistors. Instead,you just can tell that you need to take action, but only when you remember the look.

On the other hand, Wireless Watcher is very easy to use. Click the toolbar button or press the F5 key. Scanning is almost instantaneous and accumulated, adding open and others that remain in the list.

Good tutor on WiFi

Despite these problems, Wireless Network Watcher is your Wi-Fiit is a great way to protect the network. If you suspect that someone is making a connection to you, do not download it.


The “Options”window will be added to the “Controller” (Ctrl + F9), which allows you to set up your balloon / tray for each device

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Bandicam 4.0 Installer Zeekie torrent download

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Bandicam 4.0

Bandicam is an easy to use tool that helps your game kukukodi activities or capture screenshots, which you can later share with someone. Bandicam has 2 One is a mode in DirectX / OpenGL window, which can be used for recording purposes, mounted on DirectX(Or OpenGL), and the other on the state of the screen, which can be used for recording a certain area on the screen. Bandicam displays flip numbers in the corner of the screen, if it works in the DirectX / OpenGL rezhimivikno. Filter Rooms temporarily written in a rectangle on the screen. Bandicam supportsdifferent video codec (MPEG-1, Motion JPEG, Xvid, YV12 and RGB24) and audio codec (MPEG-1 and L2 PCM). Components: Bandicam can record DirectX / OpenGL Bandicam program emphasizes the video while recording, you can record a video recorded videos on YouTube without modification (you can make a full video 720p / 1080p HD) can be downloaded in dozvolahdo25.601.600dlya quality. you get a little experience at the time of recording

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