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Bandicam 4.0

Bandicam is an easy to use tool that helps your game kukukodi activities or capture screenshots, which you can later share with someone. Bandicam has 2 One is a mode in DirectX / OpenGL window, which can be used for recording purposes, mounted on DirectX(Or OpenGL), and the other on the state of the screen, which can be used for recording a certain area on the screen. Bandicam displays flip numbers in the corner of the screen, if it works in the DirectX / OpenGL rezhimivikno. Filter Rooms temporarily written in a rectangle on the screen. Bandicam supportsdifferent video codec (MPEG-1, Motion JPEG, Xvid, YV12 and RGB24) and audio codec (MPEG-1 and L2 PCM). Components: Bandicam can record DirectX / OpenGL Bandicam program emphasizes the video while recording, you can record a video recorded videos on YouTube without modification (you can make a full video 720p / 1080p HD) can be downloaded in dozvolahdo25.601.600dlya quality. you get a little experience at the time of recording

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