ADZLINK – revenue for Publishers

Adzlink is a feature that Adzbuzz has developed that will enable publishers (bloggers and other website owners) to get paid in a way similar to having ordinary ads on their website. Adzlink enables publishers to overcome the hurdle of the increasing use of adblockers by regular users. Adblockers are costing the advertising industry millions every year and by extension reducing significantly the ability of website owners to earn revenue.

Publishers earn revenue from Adzbuzz by placing a small unobtrusive icon called the Adzlink on their site. It is done by means of a WP plugin or a simple script. Click here to view a short video about Adzlink.

Publishers will get paid daily in Adzcoin according to the visitors to their site. So Adzlink gives publishers additional means of monetizing their website:

  • They are paid in a currency (adz) that will gain value
  • The ADZlink is much more user-friendly than ads who try to grab user’s attention using a lot of annoying tactics
  • They not only get paid but also activate an easy traffic source called the ADZnouncer.

The Adznouncer….