Adzcoin (adz) is a cryptocurrency specifically designed to work with the Adzbuzz platform. It can be traded against other cryptocurrencies and also fiat currencies through exchanges such as livecoin and yobit. In the near future, adzbuzz will have its own currency exchange platform so that the need for external exchanges will be eliminated. Adzcoin will be used to pay regular users, publishers and affiliates.

The total supply of adzcoin is limited to 84 million adz. Furthermore, Adzbuzz is designed in such a way that the supply of adz will continually diminish. This together with an ever increasing demand will ensure that the adz will continue to rise in value and will not fall back.

To ensure a diminishing supply of adzcoin, a feature called the 50/50 Adzbuzz Indirect Donation has been set up. Indirect Donation will ensure a continuous rise in adz value. It works in this way:

  • Adzbuzz and its various ancilliary platforms will generate revenue in dollars. 90% of this will be used to buy adzcoin on the open market.
  • 50% of these profits will be used to pay Adzbuzz users, publishers and affiliates
  • 50% will be sent to the Adzbuzz Indirect Donation wallet. The coins in this wallet cannot be spent, so they are removed from circulation. Thus adz supply diminishes and its value rises due to continuing demand for a decreasing asset.

To see how this works in more detail click here

Other reasons why adz will continue to increase in value come from the various partner platforms that contribute to Adzbuzz e.g.

  • Tifostarter
  • ADZbuzz ADZlink
  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Web Wallet
  • ADZbuzz Products Market
  • ADZbuzz Services Market
  • ADZbuzzPay
  • ADZbuzz Training Center
  • ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • ADZbuzz Freelancers
  • ADZbuzz Website Marketplace
  • ADZbuzz Hosting and Domains
  • ADZbuzz Theme Market
  • ADZbuzz Script Market
  • ADZbuzz Rewards
  • ADZbuzz Exchange
  • ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals

These platforms will earn $revenue which in turn will be used to buy adzcoin thus continuously driving up the value of adz. To get a more detailed description of why adzcoin will continue to rise in value click here.

To join Adzbuzz and start earning adzcoin click here.