Adzbuzz is more than just a social media platform. It has a many features that are of benefit to regular users, website publishers and advertisers. One of these features is a monetization of the platform through Adzbuzz’s own cryptocurrency called the Adzcoin. To read more about the Adzcoin please click on the link in the top menu bar.

Benefits of Adzbuzz to regular users include the following:

  • High quality content
  • Earning a passive income through an amazing affiliate program
  • Earning a passive income through developing and growing an Adzbuzz community

Benefits to advertisers include:

  • The ability to earn revenue from advertising on the Adzbuzz platform(s) through promotion of their website/products

Benefits to publishers (bloggers and other website owners) include:

  • Increased revenue through the addition of an extra income stream to their website
  • Have a community created for their website that will grow itself and bring in more traffic
  • have increased traffic to their website coming from the Adzbuzz homepage through a feature called the Adznouncer

The following are the main features of Adzbuzz (which will be added to in the future):

  • Adzcoin decentralised cryptocurrency
  • Adzbuzz Indirect Donations – a unique feature that will help ensure that the value of Adzcoin will continue to rise. Click here to see the Indirect Donations page.
  • Adzlink – the means by which revenue is distributed to bloggers and other website owners. Click here to view a short descriptive video.
  • Adznouncer – a feature to drive traffic from the Adzbuzz home page to the publisher. This is installed after the Adzlink has been added to the publisher’s site.
  • Adzbuzz Communities – here, a community is built round a publisher’s website and helps distribute revenue to a regular user.
  • Adzbuzz as a social media site – users can access interesting content and link with family and friends
  • Ever-growing Sources of Revenue – examples of income streams that will provide the revenue to distribute amongst Adzbuzz members include Lifelong Traffic Offer, Adzbuzz Savers. Adzbuzz Hosting, Services Market etc

All-in-All, Adzbuzz has the potential to benefit a very large number of people no matter where they live in the world. The Adzbuzz brand will be immense and will surely go viral.

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