ADZbuzz Indirect Donations – Unique Way To Increase ADZcoin Value

Some people are confused about the concept of the ADZbuzz Indirect Donations (AID) and the role it plays in helping to maintain and increase the dollar value of the ADZcoin.

The ADZbuzz Indirect Donation was introduced as a means of decreasing the available supply of Adzcoin on the open market.In essence, AID is a wallet to which Adzcoin are sent; once in the digital wallet these Adzcoin become unavailable to spend – they are taken out of the market forever, thus decreasing the available Adzcoin.
Every day, using funds taken from all the various income stream platforms, Adzbuzz buys Adzcoin on the open market through various cryptocurrency exchanges. 50% of these Adzcoin (yes, you read correctly, 50%) are immediately sent to the AID wallet where, as mentioned above, they become unavailable for any further use.

Initially, this caused some consternation amongst members of Adzbuzz. What? You are removing 50% of Adz from open circulation? That’s madness! But if you stand back, you will quickly see that it is a logical way of ensuring the stability and value increase of Adzcoin – and shows Jens’ ability to think outside the box. If availability is decreasing and you ensure demand keeps increasing, the only place the Adzcoin value can go is UP (and stay up). And because a digital coin like the Adz can be continuously sub-divided into smaller and smaller amounts it does not matter if the supply continuously decreases.

AID is a very clever system to ensure that Adzcoin value continues to increase. If you bought Adzcoin when it was worth just a cent or two you are in a very fortunate position indeed. But even if you buy Adzcoin when it is worth $1 or $10 or more, you are still winning because with an increasing demand coupled with an ever-decreasing supply, the value of your coin will continue to rise. So don’t be afraid to accumulate Adzcoin even when the value is high.

Perhaps you are wondering why the system is called ‘Indirect Donations’? It is called this because every time somebody sells Adzcoin on the open market he/she is indirectly increasing the value of all other Adzcoin. Adzbuzz buys these sold Adzcoin and sends 50% to the AID wallet (thus removing them from the market forever). So every time someone sells their Adzcoin, he/she is indirectly giving value to the unsold Adzcoin that others are still holding on to.

And of course, the OTHER 50% of Adzcoin purchased by Adzbuzz goes to paying users, affiliates, advertisers and publishers.

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!

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