Thanks for dropping in. I was just skimming through the community streaming and I am amazed at the huge variety of topics that Adzbuzz members present for the edification of us all. What a wonderful knowledge base we in the Adzbuzz project are creating. I wonder if at some stage an Adzbuzz Library can be created where all these streamed articles and posts will be stored. Perhaps it could be accessed by inserting one or two key words. Here is a short list of topics to give you an idea of the range covered:

  • tips on post-pregnancy fitness
  • culinary recipes
  • real estate tips
  • travel
  • photography
  • paranormal
  • humour
  • healthy living tips
  • art
  • relationships
  • lifestyle tips
  • social media
  • internet
  • technical gadgets
  • music
  • personal blogs
  • environment
  • etc etc etc I could go on but I suggest you spend a few minutes browsing the content and making your own discoveries.

Now, my knowledge of programming could be put on a postage stamp. But I wonder if our amazing team of developers could file posted articles into specific categories according to a few key words in the post title. So that a post mentioning ‘food’ or ‘recipe’ etc would be filed under, say, ‘Food & Drink’. Anyone have any views on this suggestion? At present all this knowledge and information coming from Adzbuzz publishing community is difficult to access once a few days have passed. And as Adzbuzz grows, this difficulty will increase.

There are currently 85 Adzlinked publishers. The monthly breakdown of when these publishers became Adzbuzz communities is as follows:

  • December 2016 – 1
  • January 2017 – 7
  • February 2017 – 7
  • March 2017 – 19
  • April 2017 – 40
  • May 2017 (to 9th May) – 12

In another two months, the number of Adzlinked publishers may have doubled in number. Lets keep spreading the good news to make sure this happens.

So now to some matters of Irish interest. In “MY IRELAND” page (sub-menu) I have written about some unusual facts concerning Ireland and the Irish people. Take a look – go to the top menu bar – you may be surprised by some of them!

‘Til we meet again – may the Force be with you!


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  • A good observation on the number of publisher adding Adzlinked to their site. Looking forward to read more from you on multiple categories. Keep it up for the good work.

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