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Adobe Master Collection CS6


Collection CS6 Master, available in English. This is an electronic software delivery


Adobe Creative Suite 6 collection software is a major design environment for delivering creative vision. Use industry leading tools with unlimited creative, precision and power to capture and develop ideas. It offers printing, internet, tablet, smartphone and silver screen. Web based developmentOn Mobile-based standards, design the latest platforms and work with poor quality videos in source formats. Intuitive interfaces and very fast operation allow you to work faster in more complex projects. Create amazing interactions, talk about stories and inspire audiences with the full experience that goes somewhere. And all is yours, for a great price.


Discover New Dimension in Digital Image: Get the latest imageMagical, creative options Amazing and brilliant performance thanks to Adobe Photoshop CS6 Ektended.

VectorGraphics that work through the media: Creating basic graphics with Adobe Illustrator CS6, industry standard For vector drawing. Experience free and efficient design with powerful design tools, colors and creative effects

Web standards-based authors: design and publish relevant smartphone sites and applications,Tablet PCs and Desktops In Adobe DreamweaverCS6. Create shortcuts based on CSS3, use industry standard HTML5, see several devices and

Enables page layout to generate page previews in Adobe InDesign CS6 with precise typographic controls, built-in creative creatives, and intuitive flow. Secure printing at lower risk

Editing Flexible and Effective Video: Use nonlinear, efficient and flexible editingVideo in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to tell the most important stories. It changes practically any type of support in formats, from video phone to 5K and wider.

Install instructions:

1. Remove the installer files and crashes from the .rar file

2. Turn off the internet (turn off the internet adapter to avoid waiting for 5 minutes lol)

3. Run and select Install, I have a serial number

4. Use the attached serial number, and when the error appears, click the Check Later button (DO NOT tryAgain because it will not work)

5. Install the programs

6 Run some applications in test mode to activate features and then simply close the application

7. Copy and replace all files (locations below that you want to copy / paste)

8. Turn on the internet and re-enable the card if you share it

9. Enjoy MasterCollection CS6! 🙂


Places to visit:


64Mapping applicationsNumber of bits: (Use64 bits)

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Adobe After Effects CS6

Adobe SpeedGrade CS6

Adobe Encore CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 bits)

Adobe Bridge CS6 (64 bits)

Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 bits)


32 bit applications: (use 32 bits)

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Bridge CS6

Adobe IllustratorCS6

Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Ektension Manager CS6

Adobe Fireworks CS6

Adobe Flash Professional CS6

Adobe InDesignCS6

Adobe Media EncoderCS6

Adobe Prelude CS6


(Note: All files are in the main EKSCEPT Illustrator, After Effects and Speedgrade directory.)

Adobe After Effects CS6Support files

Adobe Illustrator CS6Support FilesContentsVindovs

Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64-bit) Supports the FilesContentsVindovs

Adobe SpeedGrade CS6bin

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