A Nice Surprise and Updates

Well, I had a pleasant surprise today. After its first day of being online, my new blog has earned me 7 adz and on its second day 14 adz. So now I have 4 Adzbuzz income streams, namely Publisher’s Pool, Community Members Pool, VIPs Pool and Sponsor’s Pool. I have also one other possible source of revenue – 1 Lifelong Traffic spot. Currently, I use it to advertise another of my online business opportunities. But in the very near future, I will also be able to convert it into an Adzbuzz revenue source by allowing Adzbuzz to use it to promote, providing me with commission. That will be interesting.

You may be wondering what other online business opportunity I am promoting through my Lifelong Traffic spot? It’s a fully-licensed, automated crypto-currency trading platform called Trade Coin Club (TCC). TCC is licensed to trade against the top 10 crypto-currencies and is doing very well. Click here if you would like to read more about it.

Today, Jens announced the availability of 10 banners which members can use to promote Adzbuzz. Here is an example of one banner:



A new landing page is also on the way, with a follow-up confirmation page and sales page. Potential referrals will also be given a tour highlighting all the main features of Adzbuzz, finishing up with a FAQ page. Once someone has arrived at the landing page, they surely will sign up to Adzbuzz after seeing all that Adzbuzz has to offer. It’s up to all members now to start promoting Adzbuzz heavily to family, friends and beyond. The value of the adz will soon start to rise steeply. Jens has produced an article concerning the intrinsic value of adz. Please read it by clicking here.

At the time of writing (5:18PM,6 May), the adz value is $0.027.

‘Til we meet again, may the Force be with you!

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